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When I write, I chisel a pen into my heart, and let my soul spill on paper.

I’ve always written poetry; Mintaka is my first book (still in manuscript stages), and my adventure to write it came without planning. One foggy afternoon, as my first born took her nap, I started typing away until smoke seeped through the keyboard, then my characters took on a personality, and I found myself following them through their own adventure. I’m only their reporter. I know them intimately; what makes them tick, smile, and what makes their heart burst. And I am fortunate and grateful to be the only one to tell their story. 😉

I graduated from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. A superb business school and quite a different field from my artsy personality. Opposites attract, right. I’m a passionate person and a chameleon. When I find something I love, like astronomy, my imagination has already built me a home on Mars. When I read mythology, I am Athena. And when I follow my characters around, I write the stories that conquer my dreams.

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