Luca’s Conversation

Freakin’ scorpion marks across my arms. They’re not healing; fresh open wounds. What the heck was it anyway; it’s impossible for a normal sized scorpion to slash my arms like that. “I guess Ariana was the only one who saw the size of the beast,” I tell mom, who covers my wounds with a special powder to stop the seeping blood. “How’d she do that?”

“Luca,” she says patiently, “Ariana has no idea what she is.”

Oh… Oops. “No wonder the face when I called her a Stellan,” I look at her for approval of my major snafu.

She sighs, “I always cave into that mischievous spark in your eyes, even at fourteen.”

“I didn’t do it on purpose though. I really thought they had come back this weekend because of the Calling.”

“No,” mom says, “they’ll come back when the Stellankin is ready for Ariana.”

“You mean when Ariana is ready for the Stellank…”

“No,” mom interrupts as she walks out, “I meant that exactly the way I said it…”

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