A message from one of my most important (I said important… not main) characters…

A foreword by Mirnami Crosk Centauri

Mintaka lives on…the place where mystery, myth, Good and Evil meet.

The ancient race of the Stellankin has lost countless souls to an unreachable dimension; the Forcefully Forgotten. Warriors, enemies and innocent souls have remained entrapped, and the hope to bring them back into their bodies has nourished only myths. It will take something more powerful, perhaps the conquering fate of Ariana Vega; if the bind holds true.

Today, Sacramento Mountain as mortals call it, is home to those of us whose ascendants behold the stars and myths that have tickled our dreams for eons. The stories born into Constellations were not just legends…

We still live. Welcome to the Stellankin…

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